Tri-Lakes Community Health Center is Stone County’s solution to affordable dental care for everyone, regardless of income.


  • We don’t have any geography restrictions. Live in Taney County? Great! Northwest Arkansas? Not a problem.
  • We don’t have any age restrictions. We see everyone, from a baby who just got his or her first tooth, to a senior interested in dentures.
  • Speaking of babies, did you know that the American Dental Association recommends that they see a dentist by their first birthday?
  • We accept most kinds of dental insurance and Medicaid for kids (20 and younger), pregnant women and certain adults with health conditions.
  • We offer a discounted sliding scale if you don’t have insurance. Bring in your tax return and we’ll see where you fall on the scale, and discount our dental fees accordingly.

Medical, mental health, urgent care and telehealth services coming soon!

All services available at Fordland Clinic